Warranty & Support

Our warranty on electronic items such as studio strobe, flash, drybox, triggers, etc. is 1 month, unless otherwise stated.

We have all the necessary spare part to effect repair for most of our product, such as main capacitor or extra flash tube for the studio strobes.

Repair time will vary from a few days to 1-2 weeks. Depending on the availability of the spare part.

Consumable items such as lamps, flash tubes, slave flashes, etc. have no warranty.

All other items such as tripods, light stand, accessories, bags, etc. are check for defects before leaving the store, no return afterwards.

Return/Exchange Policy

For defective electronic items within the warranty period, we will try to repair the unit and if the unit cannot be repaired, we will replace a new one. But 1 time outright replacment only.

We will only accept exchanging of product within 24 hours and that the product is new and unused and no damaged whatsoever.